Green Building Practices

green-buildingEnviroStruct, LLC takes a sustainable approach to conventional building without any additional cost to our clients, in fact in many cases we are able to save our clients unnecessary operating costs.

We strive to divert more than 80% of construction waste and debris from landfills by recycling these materials. This approach exceeds the minimal standards set by USGBC for LEED certified projects.

EnviroStruct, LLC utilizes paperless filing systems as a company standard as well as low VOC products which minimizes “off gassing” into the environment and HVAC systems. Temporary Merv 8 filters are utilized in all HVAC systems during construction and changed regularly.

Our erosion control measures surpass DEP & EPA guidelines and are consistently monitored and maintained to ensure any and all possible pollution of our waterways and environment.

We are proud to be able to implement these practices without additional costs to our client. We want to minimize environmental impacts for future generations and hope to set an example for our industry, Construction is a major contributor to pollution and we can assure you we are sustainable.